Ten Basic Errors of a Newcomer in Trading

1. Trading when market has just opened

Within the first several minutes after opening, the market usually moves about or jumps somewhere abruptly. Experinced traders smoetime try to use theri knowledge to forecast by the first market movements what trend is impossible. But emtions will certainly play tricks with a newcomer

2. Undue hurry in taking profit

Well, you opened a long position. Then after a couple of days, you saw how much money you had earned and closed the position with joy. But this movement , as you would have gathered later, was just the begining of a powerful up­trend. So, if you would not haste, you could earn 10 times more moeny. Use TakeProfit orders only on extra ordinary ocassions, when the resistance level is clearly seen. Normally, it is better to exit the market using stoploss and trailing stop.

3. Adding lotsin a losing position

This is a reversse example: you opened a long position, but price decreased. You doggedly insist on that “it would still grow, i just opened th position too early” and add by buying more lots. But the price goes on dropping and twices your losses. Remember: you should add lots to a profitable positions.

4.Closing positions starting with the best one

If you have some long positions and the price starts to decrease , you often instinctively try to fix your profit first and only then close losing positions (or let it work until the stoploss triggers). This is a wrong tactics. If the hole market decreases, those positions will most probably lose that have already been profitable. But you have already had losses on them. This mean you should close them first of all. Better positions will not fall so rapidly and in case of a reversal, they will go up again. So do not haste to close a profitable position.

5. Revenge

A typical situtation for a new comer: A losing position hass just been closed ­ and he or she starts opening new positions enthusiastically to require the wrongs. This will result in new losses, so do not return to trading immediately after having lost. Rest a little.

6. The most preferable positions

Approach reasonably to your positions. Do not care especially for some of them. for example, for those where you bought at the lowest price ­ every trader is ususally proud of such state especially. It is clear that you are puffed up with self­admiration but be careful and do not carry such a brilliant position to zero or even to minus.

7. Trading by the principle of “bought for ever”

You were working on a relatively short period of time,opened up, and prices went up tremendously and you say to yourself “Aha, I’ve caought the start of a many year’s up­trend” and hang this position for ever. But things do not just happen. you either change essentailly for much longer estimtion periods or keep standard rules on your standard short period. Rules that will make you enter and quit the market even if there is a really powerfull trend. Do not marry your position.

8. Closing a profitable strategic position on the first day

Vice versa: if you trade not with in a day, do not close a profitable position on the first day under no conditions. if even the price has been grown to a very high level. Be patient, it can be higher tomorrow

9. Closing a position when alerted to open an opposite position

Many trades with systems of contineous entering the market. These systems are always “inside of a position”. This means, closing of a long position means for them opening a short one. One can use such positions, but they must be closed earlier. The signal to close must be of higher priority than the signal to open an opposite position.

10. Doubts

You should not trade if you are not sure of your previous situation assessment. Having said to yourself “I’m sick with vague doubts”. you should better close all your positions and reanalyze the situation. Or go for a walk. The later recommendation is actual in all difficult cases, by the way, it helps for all diseases. Try it yourself.


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