Bank of England Decision Highlights-Forex Factory Signals

Bank of England Decision Highlights-Forex Factory Signals

We come into Thursday with the US dollar extending its latest recovery and now up across the board over the past week but it’s been a bit of a weird week when it comes to reconciling price action with no major developments that would easily justify the dollar push at the same time we haven’t exactly gone anywhere in the grand scheme and it all could just be a period of consolidation in light of the thin calendar economic data out of the eurozone has certainly been supportive of the euro this week and would be arguing for a higher euro it will be interesting to see if the reported demand for the single currency into dips proves to lift.

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The euro back up into the end of the week the big focus on today’s calendar is the BOE decision though the overwhelming consensus is that the Bank of England will leave rates on hold we also don’t see any need for the BOE to be making waves ahead of the December election moving on investors have been a little more cautious as far as optimism towards the US China partial trade deal goes as chatter of delay works into the mix as far as the calendar goes aside from the BOE decision we get German industrial production and German construction PMI is along with us initial jobless claims and a Fed Caplin

speech late in the day.

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