VIDT Price Prediction 2022 To 2030 – Forex Factory Signals

VIDT Price Prediction 2022 To 2030 - Forex Factory Signals

VIDT Price Prediction

The price of VIDT Datalink (VIDT), which has a $770.01 Million (770,011,370 VIDT) circulating supply and a $1 Billion (1,000,000,000 VIDT) total supply, is around $0.0375 across the whole cryptosystem. As of right now, its market value is $28.91 million ($28,908,279.00), its maximum supply is $1 billion ($1,000,000,000 VIDT), and it has a fully diluted market value of $37.54 million ($37,542,665.12).

But, right now, VIDT is low, and it has been reduced by -5.06% in the few hours till now. Its latest price is $261.11 ($261,109.97), which is a lot.

What Is The Price Of VIDT?

However, the price has been reduced by -9.29% in the past week. Last month, the price was reduced by -90.89%.

The potential future growth depends on several variables, including announcements created by its projects, the entire crypto ecosystem, etc. But don’t forget to research yourself about it before investing in it. Although it’s a great chance of investment but includes plenty of risk factors. So, it’s important to research and satisfy yourself first and then invest in it.


Year Minimum price Average Price Maximum Price
2022 $0.0329 $0.0436 $0.0465
2023 $0.0786 $0.0873 $0.0911
2024 $0.11 $0.13 $0.13
2025 $0.14 $0.16 $0.17
2026 $0.14 $0.16 $0.17
2027 $0.17 $0.19 $0.20
2028 $0.25 $0.27 $0.27
2029 $0.36 $0.38 $0.39
2030 $0.50 $0.52 $0.53

What Is The Moving Average?

1. A day’s VIDT is facing a downfall, and the market is bearish. Also, it is showing a downward slope in the 50-day moving average at the moment.

2. Not only is the 50-day moving average, but its 2000 days average is sloping down as well. So, it is facing a weak trend right now.

3. According to the moving average of 50 and 200 days, the market is considered bearish.

Relative Strength Index:

1: The RSI is currently in the neutral 30-70 range, indicating a neutral trend in the price and the ability of the price to maintain the RSI in that state for some time.

2. According to the last 14 candles, the market is not separated between bear and bull and shows zero signals for price reversal.

VIDT Data link:

One of the fundamental concepts in the field of computing technology is data. Data is, after all, the foundation upon which computer programs are built. After some time, data began to be, when the world wide web was developed and could be delivered and received from terminal to terminal around the globe.

Some blockchain-based solutions, such as the VIDT Datalink platform, aim to bring data storage to the blockchain. Because of this concept of cloud computing was also integrated. It was indeed a huge internet success story. The idea of the cloud provides a place where data can be transferred and stored safely and securely outside of individual computers. With zero negative intentions and just for connecting the cloud and the blockchain, VIDT Datalink theoretically enables users to upload and validate data to the blockchain.

VIDT Technical Analysis:

Although achieving 100% accuracy in technical analysis for the Datalink cryptocurrency is unlikely, TradingView’s advanced technical analysis feature allows you to view the aggregated VIDT buy-and-sell rating in real time for a chosen timeframe. Technical analysis plays a vital role in predictions and indicating signals. However, sometimes signals might not match the results, which is very helpful.

VIDT Price Prediction:

If you are interested to read the forecast of V-ID, then have a look below:

VIDT Price Prediction for 2022:

For 2022 multiple indicators have shown separate signals and given different opinions. According to price would have been increased to $0.06468. Meanwhile, WalletInvestor predicted ~$0.06776 at the end of December. But, according to TradingBeast, Datalink price will be decreased by $0.0231 in December.

VIDT Price Prediction for 2023:

Like in 2022, various indicators are also predicted for 2023. But, according to TradingBeast, the coin’s price will be decreased by $0.022869 in December. predicted that this price will be reduced in 2023 and reach ~$0.016555 at the end of the year. WalletInvestor consistently projects that the price of V-ID will increase, estimating roughly $0.07238 in 2023.

VIDT Price Prediction for 2024:                                                                                                                        

For 2024 almost all the price indicators gave some negative signals for this coin. Several analysts predict prices in the range of $0.002744-$0.03234.Such as: TradingBeast, WalletInvestor, etc. Meanwhile, according to, its price will increase to $0.050435 by the end of 2024.

Datalink (VIDT) Price Prediction for 2025:                                                                                 

In the years till 2024, the price is expected to be decreased, and the market will go down, but in 2025. and WalletInvestor predicted that this coin will surely increase in 2025. It also predicted that till the end of the year, the price would be $0.021945 and $0.00077. The theory is supported by other VIDT price predictions, such as TradingBeast’s prediction that VIDT will decline to $0.001756 by December 2025.

VIDT Price Prediction for 2030:

According to WalletInvestor, the price of VIDT will be reduced to $0.01078. The downward trend forecast to $0.002705 is consistent with TradingBeast’s price prediction for VIDT. Despite it, maintains a constructive outlook and projects an increase of up to $0.04081.


Following are some of the frequently asked questions:

1: In which year will its price be increased?

According to experts’ predictions, its price will increase in 2025. But, before 2025, it’s price would have been reduced.

 2: Is technical analysis accurate or not?

Yes, it makes great predictions, but you can only partially rely on them because people can only predict their accuracy.


According to the analysis that is discussed in the article above that, Datalink (VIDT) projections are rather incoherent. There is no general agreement regarding potential future VIDT price changes, whether favorable or negative. Indeed, various elements, including several factors made by Datalink initiatives, the overall crypto environment, legal status, and others, will influence the potential growth in the future. But, as mentioned earlier that it is important to do some research work into it before investing.

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