Three CB decisions-US CB Leading Speech-Brexit Updates

Three CB decisions-US CB Leading Speech-Brexit Updates

Today we get three central bank decisions with the Rick’s Bank and Norges Bank delivering monetary policy verdicts along with the headline ECB decision sweden central bank is expected to leave rates on hold but may lower growth forecasts while pushing back the date of the next rate hike in Norway the market is also expecting a hold but will be queuing in to see if there are any comments from the central bank governor on the recent slide in the chrome of course most market participants will be more interested to see what comes of Mario Draghi’s final meeting as ECB president though no changes are expected.

The ECB had already unveiled its broad monetary stimulus package a few weeks back over in the UK the market will continue to monitor breaks and updates with talk Boris Johnson will make another try triggering an election once the EU grants its extension we’re now waiting to find out just how long that extension will be on the trade front there is some nervous tension ahead of today’s Mike Pence speech on China as far as the economic calendar goes ahead of the ECB decision we’ll get some PMI reads out of Germany and the eurozone second-tier data out of the UK won’t factor into price action the market will look for a little more volatility post ECB with US data out that features initial jobless claims durable goods and new home sales.

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