Copy Trade in Forex Trading

Copy Trade in Forex Trading

Pro Trade CopyCat Trading Signals. Pro Trade Copycat Signs is among the latest forex trading products to get to market here in early 2011. The pre launching period is already underway. Official launch is set for Tuesday March 8, 2011, however we’ve heard rumors that you may be able to acquire a copy before that. You undoubtedly have likely heard about the impending release of Pro Trade CopyCat. Maybe like me you are somewhat suspicious each time a brand-new forex trading system or service is declared. Lets be realistic, there are some really good forex systems recently, but there are a number of foreign goods hitting the marketplace which are simply not worth using.

The hard part is trying to ascertain which are great and which ones are pure crap without wasting precious time or money checking out them. We’ve been trying to post reviews and upgrades of a few of the better systems of late. We also have been fooled by a couple of the over hyped products previously. Consequently we’ve not posted about a few of the forex trading systems recently. Though there wasnt a great deal of specifics online site initially I was soon very pleased to find which I could have access to the members section of the Pro Trade CopyCat program.

It’s still being added to how I’m writing this now. Now I do not usually know any one of this persons involved with these product launches, but am happy to say which this head of this support team is a man named Daniel. The one thing I can tell is that Daniel is a guy of integrity and wouldn’t connect himself with a forex trading program if it wasnt legit. First and foremost the main product is ProTrade CopyCat Signs service and membership. This program provides you with currency trading signals which you then enter manually to your very own trading account.

The price is $37.00 per month which gives you signals and access to this members section. The signals are for the EUR\/USD, GBP\/USD, USD\/CHF and EUR\/JPY pairs currently. More pairs can be added in the future. The take profits with this trades are set at 100 pips so this trades might last 1-2 days before they close. This may provide signals for this same pairs as this manual CopyCat support. Even though this an automated program which copies all the trades provided by the support without you needing to manually enter every one. The price for this is $147.00 one time fee. Another manual Variant called this Pro Trade CopyCat Executive which may be used for markets other than this currency markets. Some traders have been using it to negotiate the futures and stock markets.

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